Once you have placed your order, an individual sales
representative will be assigned to handle your account.
You will receive a notification through email or fax.

The assigned sales representative will follow through the
order by frequent communication with our workers in
the manufacturing plant.

Well trained workers carefully handle all the steps
in production under the supervision of our
Operation Manager in China

QC staffs carry out a full quality check of the
merchandise. Sub-standard goods are rejected and
back to the production unit to re-make.

QC Manager carries out a random quality check to
the merchandise. Workers pack authorized goods in
plastic bags and send to Hong Kong.

QC staffs in Hong Kong carry out the last random quality check.
Sales representative will follow tight with the shipment date.
Standard goods are transfer to our shipping department.

Shipping staff prepare all the invoices and documents. Shipment is sent out accordingly.

Sales representative will notify customer about the shipment and a copy of invoice is email or fax for record.

Sales representative will follow up with customer to make sure they are happy with our merchandise. We will keep communicating with our customers from time to time informing about our new items.